Yanmar Generators

Bolex Limited is an authorised distributor for Yanmar generators from Japan. Please click here for a list of available models.

Specialized Procurement

  • Electrical materials(Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage)
  • Overhead Transmission material and equipment(Medium Voltage and High Voltage)
  • Mechanical Engineering equipments and Spare parts

Oil & Gas Drilling tools & Equipments

  • Rotary Kelly
  • Drill Pipe
  • Tool Joint
  • Drill Collar - Standard & Spiral
  • Special Features for Dill Colar
  • Non-Magnetic Drill Collars
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe



  • Turbine Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Transmission Oil
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Motor Engine Oil
  • Creosote Oil

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