TIANHE YXQ 16-II Make Up and Break Machine is a self contained hydraulic drive unit designed for fast and acurate make up or break out of the threaded connections of tabular tools and motors in either workshop or oil field location


  • Patent quick rotation unit.
  • 2 7/8" to 15 1/4" diameter capacity.
  • Synchronised clamp cylinders in movable chuck and screwing chuck.
  • 3600 continuous rotation headstock is optional.

Triplex single acting mad pump C.EMSCO, GARDER DENVER, NATIONAL, OILWELL, IDECO
Mud pumps spare parts
Mud pumps expandables and fluid end spare parts, they are all 100% interchangeable with original mud pump.


  • Rotary slips
  • Drill collor & casing slips
  • BNC & SSC type elevator
  • Slip type elevator
  • Casing elevator spider
  • Hinged casing spider
  • Tubing spider
  • Safety clamp
  • Roller kelly bushing
  • Master  & casing bushing
  • Manual tongs & power tong


  • Annular BOP
  • Single and double ram BOP
  • Drilling spool
  • Diverter
  • Choke and kill manifold
  • Accumulator
  • Choke valves and control panel
  • Test pump

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